Healthcare Video Marketing isn’t just for Plastic Surgeons and Dentists these days. Even Rheumatologists are getting in on the fun!
This Rheumatologist in Danville, Virginia had a video made explaining the various services he offers as well as the multi-discipline background he brings to each patient experience.

Medical Video Marketing is a proven way of reaching new patients because instead of overwhelming patients with a lot of text on a website page, doctors can personally reach out and talk to patients about what is most important to know. Video Marketing serves the dual purpose of informing a patient about the facts while introducing them to who will be helping them feel better!


This doctor goes beyond standard Western Medicine when treating patients and has a more holistic approach looking at nutrition, stress, external influences and more when diagnosing patients. Acupuncture, Massage, Deep Breathing, Dietary Supplements and restorative sleep are common treatment advice along with Physical Therapy and more traditional Western drug therapy.

This video shows how important a role video can play in any doctor’s marketing strategy.

The featured doctor has used his video in Social Media and received over 200 views in the first few days of posting. People are now sharing his video with friends and spreading the word about his unorthodox approach.

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