Procedure Focus Videos help your potential patients better understand the services you offer. These videos serve at least two purposes. If produced and used correctly a PROCEDURE FOCUS video will set you up as the EXPERT IN THE FIELD and make new patients seek you out for the particular procedure!


Benefits of Procedure Focus Videos

First, your patients are educated with a detailed explanation of the procedure, such as DENTAL IMPLANTS, accompanied with photos, video clips and illustrations. Many of their questions are answered and they become more comfortable as you erase uncertainty about what is involved. In these videos you can explain the risks, the benefits, and the recovery expectations. Patients love when you go the extra mile to help them understand and address their questions!

Second, patients view you as an EXPERT since you are the one guiding them through the process. This increases your credibility and that’s always a win for you! When potential patients see and hear you explaining the procedure they view you as a resource and as someone who can fix their issue or problem. Lets face it! When you are having any type of medical procedure done you want someone working on you who knows what they are doing!

Goals for Our Dentists

Our goal for our DENTISTS at Green Gorilla is two-fold. We want patients to see you as the EXPERT in the DENTAL PROCEDURE you are highlighting. That comes through with the way you describe the procedure, your word choice, and you anticipating questions that arise in their minds and then addressing those questions immediately. During the video shoot we ask those questions we know are on the minds of potential patients, making it easier for you to respond.

An even bigger goal we have for our dentists is that we want the people watching your video to LIKE YOU! We coach our dentist to smile when being recorded and to be as light and pleasant as possible. Sometimes when a dentist is trying to remember everything they want to say they tend to look too serious. We help you with that!


Both Trusting AND Liking YOU!

Credibility is key when patients are looking for someone they think they can TRUST. But if we can help them see you as someone they both trust AND like then we’ve hit a home run! People prefer dentist who not only knows how to help them but who is kind and approachable. Our DENTAL VIDEOS help potential patients get to know a little about you and your communication style and philosophy of patient care before they even step foot in your office.


Example #1 – Porcelain Veneers

See the following example of a dentist explaining porcelain veneers. He comes across as not only knowledgeable but passionate about this procedure.

Example #2 – Sleep Apnea and Snoring

In this next example watch how the dentist addresses the very common problem of SLEEP APNEA and SNORING. The visuals are key in helping patients thoroughly understand the risks of untreated Sleep Apnea as well as dental solutions that a patient mind find preferable to a c-pap machine.

Example #3 – Focusing on Pediatric Patients

In the next example we see a few different Oral Surgeons in the practice talk about a specific type of patient versus a particular procedure. They knew that no other Oral Surgery group in their area specialized in helping children and so they decided to make a videos that highlighted how much they valued their younger patients.

In Conclusion

Our hope is that this discussion of the PROCEDURE VIDEO will help dentists better understand how powerful they can be in marketing their practices and specific services. To contact us for more information fill out the form below. We look forward to speaking with you and making you some great videos!

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