Plastic Surgeons use video marketing to let their potential patients know about the variety of services they offer. Green Gorilla recently produced a new video for a Plastic Surgeon in Phoenix, Arizona to promote his Sexual Health services. His goal was to explain in a tactful way the various ways he uses technology and procedures to help both men and women have more satisfying sex lives.

The featured doctor started by talking about procedures for women, including FemiLift and Thermiva that help tighten and rejuvenate the “sensitive areas down there” to increase both the aesthetics and the function of the vagina.

In the second part of the video, our Plastic Surgeon talks about procedures for men that help increase size and sensitivity and in doing so makes the topic more natural and easy to discuss.

See Actual Video Below

Having videos produced that focus on sexual health services can put patients at ease that it is okay to talk about issues and find out about solutions to problems from a caring professional who understand and can help!

We interviewed the Plastic Surgeon for this video and then commenced in finding images that illustrated the content in a more subtle but appropriate way.

Doctors like working with Green Gorilla because they only need to be interviewed and can let us do the work of editing and enhancing their message with the appropriate visuals to keep audiences engaged and watching to the end.

If you have a need of marketing and educational videos for your Plastic Surgery practice please contact us with the form below and we would be happy to explain the process and help you get started!