Video Marketing on Social Media

Once Green Gorilla has produced new DENTAL VIDEOS for your practice, a common question is – “Where can I post them so they are seen?

There are several places you can upload them to maximize your exposure. In this post we will discuss some of those places and why we recommend them and what their benefits are.




Most Dentists put their videos on YouTube since it is the most widely-used video platform on the planet. It’s always a good idea to start here. When uploading make sure you give a title that can be easily found in a Google Search. We recommend using the generic name of your services as well as the city you are in. Using the formal name of the practice is fine but don’t lead with it.

An example of a good title might be – “Implant Dentistry Chicago | Anderson Cosmetic Dentistry”, vs just using your practice name.

Make sure to include a clickable web address for your practice at the beginning of your video description too. This gives a little SEO juice to your website and also makes it easy for video viewers to click on your website.

An example of a “clickable URL” would be . The “http://” at the beginning makes it “clickable”.

Don’t forget tags! Put every search phrase and keyword you can include here, as well as city names you are targeting. Those should be in your description as well.

Make sure your YouTube Channel is also optimized. You can include a description in the “About” section that includes location and keywords as well as tags in the Advance Options.

Other ways to optimize you video include making sure you have a thumbnail that grabs attention in some way. If you verify your account with a text code verification YouTube will allow you to upload a CUSTOM THUMBNAIL if you have one that is better than the three choices it arbitrarily picks for you! SEE INSTRUCTIONS for VERIFYING YOUR ACCOUNT HERE.





Vimeo is a MUST for Dentists who want to market their videos in an elegant way with a clean look. Consider it the “Cadillac” of video platforms. The Vimeo player is highly customizable . Your videos look better since they are encoded at a higher bit-rate. You can easily create galleries of your videos with tons of options. And the best part – no Google Pre-roll Ads are placed on your videos. There are too many features to mention here. This article discusses a comparison between Vimeo and YouTube – SEE ARTICLE.

We ALWAYS recommend embedding your new videos on your website from VIMEO and not YOUTUBE.  They will look better all around and blend well with your website.

To get the most out of Vimeo we recommend getting a business account which is $199 a year. You can use the free account but the paid account will display your videos at the best and give you many of the options you cant get from YouTube. Vimeo uploads rank well on Google searches too. Be sure to give all the attention to title, description and tags we described in the YouTube section!







The next place every DENTIST should have their videos is Facebook. You can upload them directly to Facebook as well as embed your YouTube and Vimeo videos there. Facebook has many options to market your videos with just a few restrictions that shouldn’t make it too hard to get lots of view. If you goal is to increase your YouTube or Vimeo video view count then embed your videos. If your goal is to get higher engagement then upload directly to Facebook.

A few reasons Facebook Video is so key to your VIDEO MARKETING Strategy can be found in this helpful article – SEE ARTICLE.

The key takeaway is that Facebook is thought to favor showing native uploads to its site over YouTube uploads 2-1.

Facebook Video Marketing done properly will drive more patients to your website and translate into more calls!






LinkedIn recently jumped on the video marketing bandwagon. You can now upload videos directly to your LinkedIn feed. LinkedIn, of course, also allows embed from Vimeo and YouTube. LinkedIn is the world’s most trusted business network, so while you may not get a lot of potential patients seeing your videos, it is a great way to show other businesses and dentists what you are up to.

It’s always great to have new places to upload your videos and LinkedIn can now be added to the list. Don’t look for a lot of customization options yet. Native uploading is still new but will no doubt be pushed with marketing packages they currently offer members.

For more about the benefits of LinkedIn Video Marketing see the following article. SEE ARTICLE.






Instagram Video Marketing can be a useful outlet for Dentists to get the word out about their services to a huge audience. On Instagram you can post videos up to 60 seconds in length which is plenty to tell your story!

Some ideas for DENTISTS USING VIDEO on Instagram:
* A message to your patients
* The announcement of a sale
* A new service you are now offering
* A testimonial from a patient
* Your office in action
* An overview of your practice
* A flash sale on teeth whitening
* Just about anything, really!

Instagram as well as its parent company Facebook are two great places to post LIVE TESTIMONIALS and SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS to your audience.

For more about the Benefits of Instagram Video Marketing see the following article. SEE ARTICLE.





Twitter has a huge following and so why not use its free video platform to get the word out to your followers? If a dentist doesn’t have a very large following they will get less impact with Twitter than other platforms. However, using video on Twitter is a way to build a following, especially with an educational video that is unique, short and to the point. These videos will get re-tweeted and help build your audience.

Twitter VIDEO MARKETING for DENTISTS is yet another tool in your arsenal to get your videos watched and passed to others.

These aren’t the only places you can upload your dental videos but they are a great start. Other places you can put your videos include directories like the Yellow Pages and Yelp, although they aren’t free. PINTEREST is a great place to “PIN” your videos as well, which gives more exposure. Many Dentists create boards for things like Dental Implants and Veneers with Before and Afters.

The bottom line is that you can put your videos more places than just YouTube these days and that is great news for Dentists who want to market their practice well! At Green Gorilla not only do we do professional Dental Video Production but we also provide Dental Marketing to our clients that request it.

If you need new videos for your practice and for Social Media check out samples below of the work we’ve done for other Dentists nationwide!



Dental Video Marketing Samples