Dentists who include targeted promotional and educational videos in their marketing arsenal are smart! A short video is a terrific way to talk directly to potential patients as well as existing patients. There are so many uses for videos these days and we’d like to show you two great examples of how you can harness the power of video in your practice.


The “What Sets Us Apart” Video

An impactful and friendly overview of what patients can expect when they come to your office is so helpful in making patients feel more connected to you even before they step foot through your door. In this video, also commonly referred to as a Welcome Video, you as the dentist can introduce yourself and talk about why you love helping people get rid of pain and get healthy new smiles. They SEE YOUR PASSION and get a feel for who you are. Viewers experience your personality and they love being able to “meet you” ahead of time in this way. It’s more challenging to communicate your passion and personality through text and a photo on your “About Us” page so why not use a “What Sets Us Apart” video on your homepage to grab their attention immediately with impact.

“What Sets Us Apart” videos are also a great way to show off your office and the latest technology you use to make their experience better. Dentists who use this type of video can both SHOW AND TELL what sets them apart. Drawing distinctions about why you are not like every other dentist is huge in getting people to try you out. You can talk about ways you go above and beyond to make their experience the best it can be. In the example video below watch how this dentist uses his charm and personality to talk about why new patients should come in for a visit.


“What Sets Us Apart” Sample Video

The “Patient Experience” Video

Patient Testimonials speak so much louder than anything you could say when it comes to convincing people to try you out. When including people in your testimonial collection of videos it is important to show people your target market can relate with. Demographics are key and you’ll want to find various ages, races and backgrounds so that when patients are looking at the thumbnails in your gallery they see someone like themselves.

In the two examples below watch how a dentist chose two very different patients to show the range of people she helps in practice.


Patient Experience Sample #1

Patient Experience Sample #2

Find Out More

If you are wanting to use videos in your marketing and need some help we’d love to speak with you!  All of our videos are custom-made for each client . We come to your office and shoot interviews with you and your patients. Although we don’t usually recommend using a teleprompter we do offer that for dentist who prefer it.

Since we work exclusively with doctors we already understand what you offer patients so we can have an intelligent dialogue when interviewing you on camera. We know what patients want to learn more about and how to get that across to them in the best way possible. You can rely on our expertise to guide you through the process of making great new dental videos.

We are a boutique agency so you work with the owners from start to finish. We give you all the attention you need to experience a successful video shoot and come out with videos you’ll want to show the world. Please contact us today so we can explain how it all works and get started.