Do it Yourself Medical Video Production or DIY VIDEOS, are becoming more popular with doctors with the advent of better consumer grade cameras and equipment. Most physicians and dentists hire a professional company like Green Gorilla to come in and do some initial videos for the practice.

However, for doctors who want to put out a lot of videos on a regular basis, budgets may be stretched too thin to hire out for every single video. Having the proper equipment to make your own videos and some basic know-how can help increase a Physician’s or Dentist’s Video presence dramatically!


There are many reasons to use videos in your overall video marketing strategy. Self-produced videos can be used for getting on-the-spot testimonials from patients or showing off their results. Videos can be used to explain procedures or address concerns patients have about those procedures. Medical Practice Videos can be used to introduce new staff people, show a contest winner, or wish your patients a Happy Holidays!

Here is a list why you may want to make your own videos followed by what you need to know to make better videos yourself.


Popular DIY Medical Videos for Doctors

• Patient Testimonials – Success stories from patients are the best type of video you can have. Some times it isn’t practical to have a production company nearby when your patient has a life-changing result from a service you performed. Having the ability to catch these stories as they happen is a great video for DIY!

• Video Blog – Some Physicians and Dentists like to put out video blog articles in place of written blog articles. Or, they do both. These video blogs can be useful in communicating with patients about a variety of topics, from education to special announcements. Communicating in the now is key in strengthening your brand and connection with patients!

• New Staff Additions – Many doctors like to introduce a new associate with a short hello video. This keeps your brand in the forefront of people’s minds and gives people the chance to meet someone they may encounter the next time they are in the office.

• Holiday Announcements – When holidays are near make a quick video of you and your staff wishing patients a happy holiday! They will love that you cared to take the time to communicate with them

• Patient FAQs – Use videos to educate your patients about simple topics related to your specialty. Strengthen yourself in the minds of patients as the expert and leader in your field! Dentists can talk about common misconceptions around teeth whitening, dental implants, sleep apnea or braces. Orthopedic Surgeons can discuss joint replacements, biologic procedures or the differences between fusion and replacement. Plastic Surgeons can talk about the latest nonsurgical treatments like CoolSculpting, Lasers and PRP treatments.



Gear You Will Need

• Camera – The cameras on most phones are more than adequate to get good videos! Many physicians and dentists also have a dedicated digital camera in the office for capturing Before and AFTER photos. These are great for doing your own videos and even preferred.  But having a great camera is only part of the equation. You need a few more pieces of equipment to make great videos.

• Microphone – The microphone built in to your phone isn’t going to sound as good as you will want. A microphone that can be plugged in to your camera or phone is needed to get high quality audio. Some microphones have a connection that won’t plug into your camera. Most camera or phones need a mini-plug and if your microphone doesn’t have that an adapter can be purchased online to make it work.

• Lighting – A few inexpensive lights on stands from Amazon will do wonders for helping you get great videos. Poor lighting is harder to watch for a variety of reasons. If you can’t get lights or find it impractical to use them then at the very least make sure your environment is both well it and evenly lit. And don’t have a bright light source behind you! Have it in front of you and behind the camera.

• Tripod – Unless your video is short and you are moving around your office use a tripod so that the viewer doesn’t get sea sick watching your video. Your patients will especially appreciate this!



Tips for Shooting Your Videos

• Plan Ahead – Have an idea of what you want to say but don’t script anything unless you are also a professional actor. Natural delivery is best as scripted tends to sound too formal and fake. Depending upon the type of video you are making you may want to have a few bullet point on  3×5 card that you can refer to when speaking.

• Keep It Short – Most people have extremely short attention spans so you the rule of thumb is the shorter the better. If your topic takes more than a minute or two to cover consider breaking it up into several parts and make it a series. You will get many more viewers this way.

• Edit Your Videos – Consider some simple editing to add titles and graphics if at all possible. If this is beyond your skill set or desire to learn you can hire a company like Green Gorilla to do simple editing for you.

• Be Interesting – Make sure there is a good reason for someone to be watching your videos and that you are either informing, educating, entertaining or inspiring them. If you aren’t doing any of these then don’t make the video. Never bore your audience!

• Add Subtitles – Wherever you upload your videos consider adding subtitles since studies show that more than half of videos are watched with the sound off when people are scrolling through their feed looking for something that captures their attention. Facebook, YouTube and others have tools for doing this.


If you want to start making your own videos but need help getting started or help with editing then contact us. We offer services in assisting doctors who want to make video content on an ongoing basis. Call or message today. We will discuss your needs and help you get moving with medical DIY videos!