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Dental Marketing Is Better with Video

Dentists who include targeted promotional and educational videos in their marketing arsenal are smart! A short video is a terrific way to talk directly to potential patients as well as existing patients. There are so many uses for videos these days and...

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Rheumatologist in Virginia Explores Video Marketing

Healthcare Video Marketing isn't just for Plastic Surgeons and Dentists these days. Even Rheumatologists are getting in on the fun! This Rheumatologist in Danville, Virginia had a video made explaining the various services he offers as well as the...

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D.I.Y Medical Video Production Services

Do it Yourself Medical Video Production or DIY VIDEOS, are becoming more popular with doctors with the advent of better consumer grade cameras and equipment. Most physicians and dentists hire a professional company like Green Gorilla to come in and do some...

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Benefits of Healthcare Marketing Videos

Healthcare Video Marketing is part of the larger marketing trend for Physicians, Dentists and Surgery Groups of telling stories using VIDEO. In the past healthcare providers relied mostly on their websites with text and photos to get their message across....

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Procedure FOCUS Videos Great for Dentists

Procedure Focus Videos help your potential patients better understand the services you offer. These videos serve at least two purposes. If produced and used correctly a PROCEDURE FOCUS video will set you up as the EXPERT IN THE FIELD and make new patients...

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Dental Video Marketing on Social Media

Video Marketing on Social Media Once Green Gorilla has produced new DENTAL VIDEOS for your practice, a common question is - "Where can I post them so they are seen? There are several places you can upload them to maximize your exposure. In this post we...

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Video Marketing for Cosmetic Dentists

Patient Testimonials can give that extra emotional appeal that you need when reaching out to new patients as a Cosmetic Dentist. Third party credibility is increased when patients willingly give a testimonial of their experience about having you as their...

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Adding Video on Your Homepage

This Orthopedic Surgeon understand video marketing very well. Dr. Thomas Kovack placed a video Green Gorilla Medical produced for him right on the homepage in the header so that potential patients would see it first. When using video to promote your medical practice a...

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