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    We produce videos for Dermatologists who rely on the web for new patients. Videos are a powerful marketing tool that convey both information and emotion. They help new patients in the doctor selection process to “meet you” before they ever meet you. People love watching videos over reading a long, boring bio page. All types of medical professionals use video and get great results.


    We produce various types of videos for Dermatologists depending on the need. Our most popular video is the “Welcome to Our Office” video, which combines a warm welcome from you with highlights of the office experience. Other types include “Meet the Doctor” videos, “Medical Procedure” videos, “Office Tour” videos, “FAQ” videos, “Special Offer” videos and perhaps the most powerful videos of all – “Testimonial” videos!  


    As a dermatology medical professional there are many places to show-off your videos. Of course there’s your website and blog, but don’t stop there! You can use them in Social Media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. You should post them in Online Directories like Google Places, Yahoo, Bing and Yelp. Additionally, you should embed them in online newsletters and email blasts to patients.   


Dermatologist Video Gallery

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    • Procedure - Mohs Surgery

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    • SkinCare Products

    • Watch Video

    • Welcome to Our Office - Dr. Daniel Sheehan

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    • Frequently Asked Questions - Skin Cancer

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    • Office Tour

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    • Meet our Physician Assistant - Jessica Fields

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Other Doctor Video Examples

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    • Podiatrist - Welcome to the Practice

    • Watch Video

    • Dentist - Welcome to the Practice

    • Watch Video

    • Orthopedic Surgeon - Meet the Doctor

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    • Plastic Surgeon Testimonial - Jamie's Story

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    • Plastic Surgeon - Welcome to the Practice

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    • Chiropractor - Welcome to the Practice

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All Types of Videos All Types of Messages

  • Welcome to Our Office

    Our most requested video,this offers you a chance to introduce your Dermatology Practice to new patients. You and your staff can walk them through what they can expect during their first visit. They get a feel for what sets you apart and also hear from a few testimonials. This overview video is perfect for highlighting your Orthopedic Surgery practice

  • Meet the Doctor

    This video is a perfect way to introduce yourself to new patients. Focused on you, your background and what makes you unique, it gives new patients a glimpse into your personality and passion for how you can help them.

  • Testimonial

    There is power in an authentic patient testimonial from a real person about their real experience in your care. We interview former patients and have them talk about what they liked about having you as their doctor. People love to watch a great testimonial!


  • Procedure Focus

    Explaining a medical procedure is usually best done with visuals. With this video you can describe a procedure in more detail such as Mohs Surgery and address patient’s questions and concerns about all aspects of the procedure.

  • FAQ

    Great for doctors who want to help new clients feel more comfortable about the care you will provide them. Answer questions that most new patients ask about your practice or address general questions about how to take care of themselves after a procedure.

  • Special Announcements

    Do you want to get the word about something new you are offering? This video is great for generating buzz and interest in a new piece of equipment you use, a new associate in your practice or a special seasonal discount.

Our Pricing

One Video

  • One 90-second video
  • Professionally shot, edited
  • Graphics, music, stock images
  • No recurring fees
  • $995

Two Videos

  • Two 90-second videos
  • Professionally shot, edited
  • Graphics, music, stock images
  • No recurring fees
  • $1695

Three Videos

  • Three 90-second videos
  • Professionally shot, edited
  • Graphics, music, stock images
  • No recurring fees
  • $2395

Four Videos

  • Four 90-second videos
  • Professionally shot, edited
  • Graphics, music, stock images
  • No recurring fees
  • $2995

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